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Tokyo Tokyo is not only the center of politics and economy for Japan, but has also developed as the center of world economy and culture offering a number of must-see places.
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Asakusa once thrived as a temple town for Senso-ji Temple, still retaining this traditional flavour it is a popular downtown area to see where the old meets the new.
Senso-ji Temple Architecture Sightseeing Traditional
Senso-ji Temple Image1300 years ago two fishermen brothers found a Kannon (Godess of Mercy) statuette caught in a fishing-net. The Kannon statue was consecrated in a small temple by the landlord. During the Kamakura period, about 800 years ago, The temple, Sensouji grew and prospered together with the surrounding district of Asakusa.
Kaminari-mon Architecture Sightseeing Traditional
Kaminari-monThe main gate to the Kinryuzan-Senso-ji Temple, Kaminarimon is an eight-pillared gate, painted vermilion with a unique architecture. Originally erected in 942 A.D.
Nakamise Eating Shopping Traditional
NakamiseThe temple entrance between Kaminari-mon and Senso-ji Temple is known as Nakamise Street. 87 small shops packed with senbei rice crackers, small ningyoyaki pancakes, kimonos and fans, etc line the street.
Kappabashi  Shopping Traditional
KappabashiBoth sides of this 800m long street are lined with shops selling various restaurant products such as lacquerware, pottery, small decorative objects.You can find traditional Japanese paintings as well as the menu stands of traditional Japanese restaurants and the plastic food models used in many modern Japanese restaurants and coffee shops.
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Is the latest popular area in Tokyo where many amusement facilities and parks have been built on reclaimed land. A greal place to experience the brand new shopping center with its many restaurants, a big observation wheel and a museum including the Fuji Television Building and man-made beach.
Panasonic Centre Experience Studying Technology
Panasonic CentreHere you can experience Panasonic’s visions of two of the goals that the Matsushita Group is most committed to — “the ubiquitous network society” and “peaceful coexistence with the environment”.
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Architecture Experience Studying Technology
National Museum of Emerging Science and InnovationCutting-edge technologies exhibiting themes on the environment and our future, robots, life, space and innovative information. The museum also provides an opportunity to have hands on experience with the the latest technology.
Palette Town Playing 
Palette TownA large entertainment facility with lots of indoor and outdoor attractions. Venus Forts offers over 160 shops and restaurants in the classical italian atmosphere. It also includes one of the largest ferris wheels in the world, and a man made beach.
Mega Web Experience Playing Technology
Mega WebA showcase ranging from vintate cars to racing cars presented by Toyota.
Fuji Television building Experience Playing Sightseeing
Fuji Television buildingDominating the Odaiba skylines, it features unique architecture designed by Kenzo Tange. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo from the observatory and get a behind the scenes look at the making of TV programes on the 5th floor promenade.
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Shopping Area combining modern architecture. It used to be an artists' town in the Taisho era and was transformed into a public market after the War.
Sunshine International Aquarium Sightseeing Studying
Sunshine International Aquarium
An aquarium that is also combined with a zoo. Exhibits include recreations of entire ecosystems.
Namco Nanja Town  Playing
Namco Nanja Town2 food theme parks, 6 streets and 24 attractions, there is plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy.
Japan Traditional Craft Center Art Traditional
Japan Traditional Craft CenterHere various projects are carried out to deepen the consumers understanding of traditional craft products. The items are representative of various regions and displays are replaced continually.
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